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Top 5 Reasons to get your portraits done in the summer!

5. Barefeet and Sundresses...

4. River/beachy sessions

3. Beautiful summer glow and freckles

2. Golden hour sun

1. And the number one reason to get Summer portraits...


We know, we know... you are thinking... what?! We usually wait until the Fall! 

We get it, the Fall leaves are beautiful. However, the Summer has several advantages over the Fall. First, we have longer days, which means we have more availability to shoot your session! Its really hard in the Fall when the sun sets by 5 p.m., which means most people need to shoot their session on the weekends. What happens when we (inevitably) get rained out...sometimes multiple times? Rescheduling sessions in the Fall and syncing up everyone's schedule can be TOUGH. 

During the summer we can shoot weekends, and weeknights until 8 p.m.! And we are far less likely to get rained out. Although the Fall leaves are beautiful, you'll never get that amazing Summer golden hour sunset...and who doesn't want that!? 

Another advantage to summer photos... cute outfits! Everyone can dress comfortably in dresses, shorts, sandals... in the Fall we often have overcast, drizzly days, which makes for some red and runny noses, less happy kiddos, and bulky coats and sweaters. 

Th biggest perk to Summer photos? You're not stressed about how quickly you'll get your photos back - you'll have plenty of time to plan out your cards, keep an eye out for the best deals, and get them ordered, addressed, and sent out in PLENTY of time! 

We are so in love with the idea of summer portraits for Christmas cards, that we always do our OWN family portraits in the summer. We already have our own portrait dates on the calendar... so what are you waiting for!? Head on over to our storefront to see what we have available. We have lots of "styled" sessions in the store, but if you like the date and location of a particular event, you are welcome to take advantage of the cute set up, or NOT! Its your call. We can do a totally "normal" portrait session on any of the dates listed in our storefront. 



We are looking forward to seeing you and catching up with your family!